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The Chairman/CEO of Centaurus has a family legacy in the securities business that dates back over 40 years to when the independent financial advisor model was in its infancy. As a result, Centaurus’ management is steeped in a long tradition in the independent broker/dealer industry. In 1963, Frank L. King became a pioneer in the independent broker dealer industry by setting up a distribution network. In 1992, almost 30 years later, Centaurus was founded by Ron King (Frank’s son). Since that time, the firm has grown steadily into the top-tier of independent full-service broker/dealers. Currently, the firm consistently ranks in the Top 50 (based on total revenue) of all independent broker/dealers in the country in various industry surveys.

The Centaurus Name

Alpha CentauriWe are often asked how the name “Centaurus” was derived. Centaurus is a constellation that is visible in the southern hemisphere and contains the bright star Alpha Centauri. Drawing on his military background as a Marine navigator in the South Pacific, Frank King treasured the sight of the constellation “Centaurus”, which allowed him to set his sextant to the glow of Alpha Centauri. For a navigator in the South Pacific, finding the constellation Centaurus meant that he could find his way. As we carry that analogy to our firm in naming Centaurus, the founders hoped that the firm would allow its investors and advisors to find their way as well.



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